Bachata Sensual Teacher Training

Level 1:  6. & 7.April 2024

Teacher Training Level 1


Deep Dive into 

● Dance Technique: Truly understanding and delivering the principals of Bachata Sensual 

● Teaching Technique: How to plan, structure and teach engaging and successful dance classes


Saturday: 11:15-13:45, break, 14:45-17:15

Sunday: 12:30-15:00, break, 16:00-18:30


You are an advanced dancer and want to gain an even deeper understanding of Bachata Sensual? You are interested in becoming active in the Bachata scene und want to pass your passion on to new dancers while using the correct body-friendly technique? Then this is the right seminar for you. Not only will you dive into the most important principals of Bachata Sensual, but you will also gain insight into planning classes and conveying your favourite dance to other people.


To apply for this course, please send a social video of you dancing and a short video of you explaining a basic follower turn to before 1st April. When your videos have been approved you may register for the teacher seminar.